A Poem I Wrote About Depression When I Was 14

First day of high school.

My Depression

What the hell has happened to me
I used to be full of energy
Now it’s all gone
It’s been taken away from me
By my depression
It bites my arm
But does me no harm physically
Nothing’s wrong with my body
Just my head
It’s taking over me
It’s telling me over and over
What’s going to happen eventually
I don’t want to think that now
I don’t know how this happened
How is this going to turn out
How is it going to be
I’m so sad
Yet so happy
I’m full of it
Yet so empty
People ask what’s wrong
I say nothing
Life is fine and dandy
I’m just a little sleepy
Maybe a bit moody
But I’ll be all right
Don’t mind me
And then I hear them say shit
About my attitude problem
I have none
But they think differently
Then I get angry…
And I walk away
I thought suicide was the only way
But I didn’t want to hurt anybody mentally
And it still haunts me
That I thought that way…