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Haiku Mondays: Happy 4th of July Weekend


Ugly Bunny is
ready for July 4th, but
fireworks scare him.

We will keep him safe,
so he shouldn’t be worried.
“I am still worried.”



There’s nothing quite like
a good book in the summer.
I love Kate Mulgrew.

Her story renders
me simultaneously
heartbroken and glad.

Another Irish
American Catholic soul
who understands me.



The sunset is dope!
I want to dye my hair these
colors! That would rock!



I love s’mores so much
Turning marshmallows into
Fluff is very fun



July 4th weekend
Grilling burgers and hotdogs
And stuffing your face



Had a nice July
4th spending time with friends and
eating all the food.



Took time to “smell the
roses” this evening, except
it smelled like geese poop.

Haiku Mondays: Tornadoes, Same Sex Marriage, & More


Mass. tornado watch
“Laughable, man!” Kansans say.
Everyone calm down.


Hotdog pizza? Wow.
How much more gross can we get?
But ‘Merica, right?


Confederate flag
supporters belong in a
museum with the flag.


It’s about time that
same sex couples have the same
rights as straight couples.


Today we re-watched
True Detective season 1.
Onto season 2!


Always choose the stall
with the broken lock because
it’s always cleaner.


I started a joke,
but I couldn’t finish it.
I hurt too many

with my crass humor.
The audience dwindled and
I stood there alone,

trying to explain
that it was all just in fun.
It was all in love.

Haiku Mondays : Father’s Day Edition


I love my husband
Especially when he draws
He’s so talented



Therapy today.
Learning new strategies to
combat the crazy.



Almost late for work
two staties on the highway
no one will pass them.



I want to follow
the sunshine forever and
leave dark days behind.



Orange is the New
Black is consuming my life.
Nothing else to say

because I need to
get back to watching the show
4 episodes left!




Beautiful sunset
so fleeting. Birds chirp goodnight.
A warm memory.



Happy Father’s Day
to the best Dad in the world!
I love you so much!



By my Dad!

In response to the above haiku:


Beautifully done
Thoughtful, sincere, poetic-
Haiku. Made my day!


Written after I visited my him and my Mum last weekend:


Weekend with daughter
Time so fleeting – speed of light!
was “Interstellar”…

(We watched the movie Interstellar that weekend) :)

Haiku Mondays: Car Troubles and More


Car trouble today
It’s only the battery
More money for me!



Time to go to bed
I stayed up too late last night
Doing what I love.



Stupid fucking foot
It’s always getting fucked up
When I try to run



AC is broken
Eh, it’s almost fall… except
my bra is soaked through.



Hate is fueled by the
greatest love of all and the
betrayal of it.



Sensitive people
Need to man or woman up
I’m tired of them

I was always taught
To hide feelings for the sake
Of keeping the peace

I do what I need
To do to prevent battles.
I can’t take more wars.



The pilgrims came to
Plymouth for the water to
brew beer. True story.


Below is a special haiku written my my friend Donovan.  Really moving and a must share!


Somewhere within me
Is a cold, dark heart in pain
Searching for sunshine

Haiku Mondays

I’ve started a new project to keep me writing, at least a little bit, each day.

I’m calling it #DailyHaiku.

Props to my friend Melissa for reminding me recently how much I love haiku. She and I, along with several others I went to high school with, wrote silly haiku (that’s the plural version of the word) during drama club rehearsal. We recently had this “OMG remember that?!” moment on Facebook, and it made me contemplate haiku again.

For those not familiar, haiku is a form of Japanese verse that is written in 17 syllables divided into three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. I wouldn’t normally explain this, because my background in English and journalism makes it seem pretty obvious, but this week I realized it isn’t obvious to some who don’t possess a little background in poetry and verse.

Each week I plan to share my week’s worth of haiku, in case you happened to miss them on my social media pages during the week. My goal is to portray my life as is – the funny moments, happy moments, things I struggle with, and more.

Here are my haiku from the past week. I hope you enjoy.



Rain, a loving sound
bringing life to the weary
leaves and green to graves



The birds are confused.
Is it winter or summer?
Should we fly elsewhere?



I don’t mind traffic.
More time to sing in the car
and enjoy the sun.



Some days are harder
You try to forget it all
Then you remember



If you go visit
Plymouth you don’t need to see
the rock. This is it.



My brother hates me
and will never forgive me.
He never loved me.

How could he if it’s
so easy to write me off?
I wish him the best

even though it hurts
like hell and I feel as though
I’m a bag of trash

thrown out without a
second thought by him. I guess
that’s what I deserve.



Not many people
understand the battle scars
from wars of the mind.

That is why you learned
to be so entertaining;
so you could hide them.

But there comes a time
when you can’t hide anymore
or laugh them away.

It gets exhausting
to put on a show each day.
And people will leave

because they like the
show and not you. You wonder
who the hell you are

behind the curtain.
But others who are backstage
have known all along.