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We Went to the Marriott and it was Beautiful

Dec. 31 “92” (9 years old)

I went to the New Year’s Eve parade. It was so fun! Amanda came with us too.


Amanda and I.

Jan. 13 “93”

Today was a waste of time in school. But at night, at 8:00, I had a snowball fight with my family (except for Sean). I’ve had a nice day today.


Me in the snow: sitting on top of my Dad’s buried car.

Jan 25 “93”

I have a wart on my foot. I hate it. I have to put some kind of medicine on it to make it feel better. But it looks very weird on me!!!

Jan. 30 “93”

I am sleeping over Amanda’s house today. We’re having the time of our lives! Amanda is so crazy tonight. We are laughing our heads off!


Feb. 15 “93”

I went to the ice show “Beauty and the Beast”! It was very fun! They had snow cones in a Chip cup! Then me and Amanda went to the Marriott! It was beautiful! The ladies room smelled like bubble gum! Me and Amanda are going there on Sunday.



Haiku Mondays

I’ve started a new project to keep me writing, at least a little bit, each day.

I’m calling it #DailyHaiku.

Props to my friend Melissa for reminding me recently how much I love haiku. She and I, along with several others I went to high school with, wrote silly haiku (that’s the plural version of the word) during drama club rehearsal. We recently had this “OMG remember that?!” moment on Facebook, and it made me contemplate haiku again.

For those not familiar, haiku is a form of Japanese verse that is written in 17 syllables divided into three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. I wouldn’t normally explain this, because my background in English and journalism makes it seem pretty obvious, but this week I realized it isn’t obvious to some who don’t possess a little background in poetry and verse.

Each week I plan to share my week’s worth of haiku, in case you happened to miss them on my social media pages during the week. My goal is to portray my life as is – the funny moments, happy moments, things I struggle with, and more.

Here are my haiku from the past week. I hope you enjoy.



Rain, a loving sound
bringing life to the weary
leaves and green to graves



The birds are confused.
Is it winter or summer?
Should we fly elsewhere?



I don’t mind traffic.
More time to sing in the car
and enjoy the sun.



Some days are harder
You try to forget it all
Then you remember



If you go visit
Plymouth you don’t need to see
the rock. This is it.



My brother hates me
and will never forgive me.
He never loved me.

How could he if it’s
so easy to write me off?
I wish him the best

even though it hurts
like hell and I feel as though
I’m a bag of trash

thrown out without a
second thought by him. I guess
that’s what I deserve.



Not many people
understand the battle scars
from wars of the mind.

That is why you learned
to be so entertaining;
so you could hide them.

But there comes a time
when you can’t hide anymore
or laugh them away.

It gets exhausting
to put on a show each day.
And people will leave

because they like the
show and not you. You wonder
who the hell you are

behind the curtain.
But others who are backstage
have known all along.


Top 40 Things To Do With Life

Each Thursday, I’m going to choose a random journal entry from my past and share it with you.

Not dated. From a notebook I kept during my freshman College Writing class in the Fall of 2001.

Here’s a pic of me in my Freshman dorm room. I’m 18 and pretty dumb. That’s Ewan McGregor from Moulin Rouge in the background, on my old desktop I only had the heart to throw out a year ago.

OMG eat a burger, bitch.

Top 40 Things To Do With Life

1. Not sell out and become a tool like most everyone else.
2. Travel lots & write about it.
3. Write something meaningful.
4. Get married if I’m in the mood.
5. Not have babies.
6. Indulge in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
7. Steal from Walmart as much as possible.
8. Continue to be active in community.
9. Adopt if I feel like it.
10. Stay beautiful gorgeous.
11. Read lots.
12. Learn new skills for shits and giggles.
13. Own a typewriter.
14. Maintain a healthy appetite.
15. Make awful ex-boyfriends regret the day they met me Get off meds.
16. Have good karma.
17. Get closer to God.

The list ends there. I’m not sure if it’s because I ran out of time during an in-class exercise, or I got distracted.

I’ve accomplished most things on the list. The one thing I regret is not owning a typewriter. I need to get on that.